About Brännland Ice Cider

Brännland Cider combines Swedish apples and subarctic cold to create an exclusive ice cider for a demanding international market – it is the beginning of a truly Nordic wine making tradition.

Brännland Cider started in 2010 with the dream of making great cider using apples grown in the cold climate of northern Sweden. After two years of trial, error, discovery and progress we came to the conclusion that our fruit and climate were best suited for making Ice Cider or as it’s called in it’s country of origin, Cidre De Glace.

What Is Ice Cider?

Ice Cider was developed in Quebec, Canada in the early 90s and is an ice-wine made using apples instead of grapes. In 2005 a denomination of quality was established in Quebec. The denomination states that the apple juice used to make Ice Cider must be concentrated with the help of natural cold.

Very few places in the world can guarantee a recurring cold season to meet the Quebec standard. Northern Sweden is one of those places and our winter temperatures in combination with Swedish apples formulate the basic components to make our Ice Cider.

About Production

From frozen apple juice, using the naturally cold outside temperatures, we extract a starting cider must with a sugar content of between 35 and 40 brix.

The must is fermented slowly to become an amber colored ice wine with equal parts fresh apple, acidity, and warm autumnal apple sweetness. No additives such as sugar, alcohol or coloring are allowed in production.

Our Apples

Our apples originate in both northern and southern Sweden. We combine hand picked winter apples in our home county of Västerbotten on the Baltic seaboard with premium apples from a carefully selected grower in the heart of south Swedish apple country.

The Vision Of A Northern Terroir

With the creation of an entirely new ice cider tradition comes the vision of creating a renewed apple tradition of high quality apples grown specifically for ice cider in northern Sweden. This is a unique proposition since there have been no orchards in commercial operation in the north for decades (perhaps up to a century) and we have the opportunity and the responsibility to shape an apple and ice cider culture, and in time an entire terroir where none has previously existed.

In the coming years, we will plant orchards in a variety of parcels all over our home county of Västerbotten, from the inland forest country to the Baltic coast. For this purpose we’ve sourced heirloom apples, from Finland, Russia and Sweden, suited to produce sustainable, quality yields in terms of volume and taste in our climate.

In 2011 we started our first trial orchards and in the fall of 2013 we start in earnest the planting of our first north Swedish orchards. In time, we will introduce an ice cider originating entirely from these orchards, an ice cider entirely the offspring of our northern home country.

Denomination Of Quality And Origin

In the August of 2012, Brännland Cider published the first Swedish denomination of quality and origin for Ice Cider produced in Sweden. The denomination is not as of yet official, but serves to signal to consumers and prospective ice cider makers alike what rules we adhere to when producing our own Ice Cider, as well as how we feel Ice Cider should be produced in Sweden in the future.

The denomination has its origin, and follows with a few exceptions, the denomination developed and published in dialogue between producers and authorities in Quebec in 2005. Ice Cider is a sweet wine produced through the fermentation of apple juice that holds a sugar content of at least 30° brix before fermentation. Concentration of sugar is be done using naturally occurring cold.

Alcohol content in the finished product must be between 7 and 13 percent by volume and residual sugar must be at least 130gr/L.


  • Starting juice must be constituted of 100%, unconcentrated natural apple juice from Swedish grown apples
  • No addition of preservatives
  • No addition of flavors or colouring
  • No addition of alcohol
  • Chaptalization is not allowed